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New for 2018 "CANCAR MINI". A new FREE pool just for fun. Can be a single race or a subset like perhaps the playoffs

CANCAR MINI (beta) is an attempt to highlight some racing events and topics from One Canadian fans perspective. I will try to have more content available here than just a list of links. As a matter of fact, I invite anyone that has something interesting to share to send and email to and I will post it here along with my ramblings.

He scored 40 Cup victories which only Jimmie Johnson has met or exceeded among active drivers at the time I posted this, and the 56 pole positions he won in the Cup series is seventh-best all-time. He added 49 wins in the XFINITY Series and another seven in the Camping World Truck Series.
Martin was absolutely one of those drivers who proved his talents in a wide variety of opportunities. He won in sports cars -- including the Rolex 24 at Daytona -- and hoisted a record five IROC titles -- best all-time against auto racing's best drivers representing multiple forms of racing. Jake:2018-02-14

I try to not let my age and the fact that I am set in my way influence me regarding changes. I try to see the bigger picture. I realise many sports fans are also racing fans, but notice that I make the distinction between racing and other sports. I am not a fan of sports... Only racing. I often explain my interest in racing as such: This last point is the important one for racing. There is absolutely no doubt at the end of any form of racing. At the end of the race, there is a winner. The winner is dominant for that day. There is no speculation regarding conditions, wind direction or other variants other competitors were facing. The full field of competitors were in competition and there was a winner. How it is determined who is ultimately the best at the end of the season must be determined by some measuring mechanism which I would prefer to be simple math. Highest average weekly position = champion.

This new NASCAR format is an attempt at reducing racing to a game forcing spectators to speculate and calculate who is the best. The "winner" is no longer the competitor who crossed the Finnish line first. OK, perhaps that is still intact, but if you look at the race results for the 2017 Daytona 500, Kyle Busch received 11 points for finishing 38th and Jimmie Johnson was 34th receiving only 5 points. I know what everyone is thinking. Jimmie must have had penalties, but that is not the case. It's just a result of changing the rules of racing. Jake:2017-03-05
Let me know if you have interesting news or thoughts about Canadian Stock car racing and I'll post it here. Open wheel stuff is OK too, but we here at this website are really "Canadian fans of NASCAR", so I would like to offer the ability to share event info, stories, Canadian driver info, photos, and other stock car info with others. Also any links to Pools of Canadian interest will be listed as they are recommended. Jake:2016-11-08